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Posted: 23.12.13

Ed Miliband announces plans to double rate of housebuilding

Ed Miliband announces plans to double rate of housebuilding

Labour leader Ed Miliband has promised to implement a “non-stop drive” that will more than double the number of homes being built each year in England.  

His intended policy will prevent property developers from hoarding land, and councils from blocking development progression, so that targets to build 200,000 homes a year until 2020 can be met.

Research by the property website Rightmove suggests house prices could rise by as much as 8% next year unless there is a flood of new properties brought to the housing market.

Miliband wishes to order a national planning inspectorate that will give priority to local authorities wanting to expand, even if they are being blocked by neighbouring councils that refuse to release land.

Should the policy be enforced, councils would be empowered to compulsorily purchase land or charge fees if developers fail to build on land for which they have planning permission

Miliband was quoted as saying that he wanted to address the worst housing shortage for a generation, and stand up for homebuilders, building specifiers and first-time buyers.