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Posted: 05.03.14

Government commits 900 million towards new homes bonus scheme

Government commits 900 million towards new homes bonus scheme

The Government has announced its 2014 funding for the New Homes Bonus scheme, which will see over £900 million allocated amongst England’s 353 councils.

As well as affordable housing and new build, the fund will also help to bring 93,000 empty houses back into use.

Launched in 2011 and now accounting for over £2 billion in funding, the New Homes Bonus supports community and council-led development initiatives.

While each council is free to use its allocation in any number of ways – such as freezing Council Tax – it is most commonly used to meet local requirements for housing.

One particularly popular strategy in the past has been to utilise the New Homes Bonus to bring empty homes back into use. According to Communities Minister Stephen Williams, “I’m delighted to see the numbers of empty homes going down by 38,000 over the past year alone.

“But I want councils to go even further, and use the range of powers we’ve put in their hands to end the blight of empty properties in our neighbourhoods and bring them back into productive use for the families who need the stability and security new home can provide,” he added.

Measures to make disused houses ready for use include internal improvements as well as exterior measures such as the replacement of fascias and soffits.