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Posted: 02.09.13

Government Pledges To Simplify Housing Standards

Government Pledges To Simplify Housing Standards

The news – announced by communities minister Don Foster – set out Government plans to simplify the housing standards imposed locally by councils.  The current number of standards is over 100, but would be reduced to fewer than ten.  

While planning rules would not be affected, the guidance for housebuilders – which currently runs to over 1,500 pages – would be streamlined to below 80.

Standards to be scrapped include ill-thought-out measures such as the requirement to install solar and wind energy sources onto the roofs of apartments, even on those where they will not physically fit ensuring that the specification of roofing or roofline products is not compromised.

The voluntary Code for Sustainable Homes – much of which is now mandatory under Building Regulations – is also likely to be phased out during a period of transition.

Foster said: “I’m proposing to cut needless red tape to let house builders get on with the real job of building the high quality new homes that people need, especially families and first time buyers.”

More information can be found on the Governments policy website here.