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Posted: 27.01.14

Green Deal attracts criticism from builders on first anniversary of scheme

Green Deal attracts criticism from builders on first anniversary of scheme

The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) has delivered a damning verdict on the effectiveness of the Green Deal, as the controversial energy-efficiency scheme reaches its first anniversary.

Asked to rank specific aspects of the Green Deal out of five, FMB members gave an overwhelmingly negative response. Most elements – and the overall scheme – warranted only a two out of five, with “marketing and communications” singled out for being particularly poor with a one out of five ranking.

The best result came in the category, “motivating energy efficiency improvements,” suggesting that builders acknowledge that the Green Deal is at least contributing to the debate.

Discussing the results, the FMB’s Chief Executive Brian Berry declared: “It’s clear that the Green Deal simply has not achieved the desired results in its first full year, with the majority of SME installers and home owners failing to engage, and the financial package underpinning the scheme proving unattractive to most consumers.”

He singled out the limited appeal of the financial incentives currently being offered, suggesting that loans or credit cards offer competitive rates to fund homeowners’ energy efficiency projects, such as the installation of insulation or cladding.
Berry Added: “This in turn means that most small local builders are reluctant to spend their time and money becoming certified Green Deal installers, when the potential customer base is really still in its infancy.”