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Posted: 03.06.14

Housing policy defended by Home Builders Federation

Housing policy defended by Home Builders Federation

HBF executive chairman Stewart Baseley has pointed out that housebuilding is increasingly very rapidly, as the market attempts to catch up with an acute shortage of housing.

He added that, "The Help to Buy equity loan scheme has supported demand for new build homes and its extension provides certainty about longer-term demand. This is allowing the industry to plan ahead, rebuild capacity lost in the downturn and deliver. This is providing desperately needed homes and also creating jobs on sites across the country and in the supply chain."

Meanwhile, David Cameron admitted he would be prepared to support a change of approach to the Help To Buy scheme should it be needed.  "We have specifically asked Mark Carney to examine Help to Buy and advise us if any changes are needed. We should be clear about what he said. He said it is a small and well-targeted scheme."