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Posted: 06.02.14

New home registrations at highest level since 2007

New home registrations at highest level since 2007

The latest figures from the National House Building Council (NHBC) report that registrations for new homes in the UK rose by 28% in 2013.

This figure – representing 133,670 new homes compared to 104,514 in 20212 – is the highest for the house building sector since 2007, bringing good news to building specifiers.

London fuelled the most rapid advance; its year-on-year increase of 60% was the best since records began, but the NHBC reported that recovery was “broad based” across the UK.

“Over the year, we have seen a genuine return of confidence to the industry as builders strive to meet the growing demand for new homes that the UK clearly needs,” commented Mike Quinton, Chief Executive of the NHBC.

That said, Quinton urged that celebrations be cautious, reminding that “this recovery has been from a historically low base” and “we also have the uncertainty of an election period approaching.”