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Coastline Composite Cladding

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Coastline Composite Cladding

The next generation Composite Cladding

Coastline is the newest addition to the Deeplas range. An innovative composite cladding that enhances the appearance of any property, it adds up to 10 years of guaranteed weatherproof performance to every exterior.

A breakthrough in materials technology

Dry fix cladding is nothing new however Coastline is a unique composite material making it incredibly resilient, yet amazingly easy to work with and fit.

What’s really revolutionary though is that Coastline won’t contract or expand, whatever the weather conditions.

What that means for householders, is they can look forward to living in a home that’s protected from the elements for the next 10 years. And it’s great for you because it’s lightweight, easier to lift and handle than cement boards. There’s no need for other trades on site to get the job done.

More colours, more opportunities

Our Colour Match Guarantee covers all our fascias, roofline, trim and exterior cladding. That means, as well as new cladding, you can offer your customers the option of a smart new roofline to compliment any one of the 6 available Coastline colours.

Custom fixing system

Coastline’s specially developed aluminium rail and fixing system helps you make more of both with rapid, secure fixing, every time.

Because there’s no mortar or render involved, you can fit it in all weathers. It won’t stress exterior walls or threaten their structural integrity because it’s much lighter than fibre cement cladding products.

The case for Coastline

Once, if you wanted to be sure your exterior cladding was really weatherproof, you had the option of timber boards - good looking, but high maintenance - or cement board. Durable, but difficult and dusty to work with.

A unique new material

Newer, lightweight PVC-U and foam cladding have made things easier, of course. But because they can warp and crack as they heat up and cool down, an extra membrane is often needed. And that can make the job even more complex and time consuming.

So Coastline, with its unique composite formulation that won’t expand or contract as the temperature varies, is a true breakthrough. Plus, it’s guaranteed to go on performing with zero movement and practically no maintenance for at least 10 years.

The durability you demand

The secret to Coastline’s hard wearing, long lasting looks and performance is its innovative composite structure – a patented triple composite of polymer resins, inorganic minerals and acrylic colorants that is extruded to give excellent dimensional strength and stability.

With no wood fibres or any other organic material included, it will never absorb moisture, never rot and never attract insects that could damage its fabric.

That makes it especially robust, even in the most extreme weather conditions. Coastline has excellent wind, hail and impact resistance, and even if it does pick up minor bumps and scrapes, they’ll be practically invisible from the kerbside because of its fade-resistant, through colour formulation – unlike cement boards.

Even after years of service it never needs painting or treating, and all it takes to bring it back to its brilliant best is the occasional clean with a garden hose.

Good looking

Coastline doesn’t just protect and preserve the fabric of the building. It does it in true style, with a range of 6 attractive New England colours: Anthracite Grey, Moondust Grey, Pigeon Blue, Sail Cloth, Soft Green and Taupe. More than enough choice to create the look your customers are after.

Individual Coastline panels butt together in exactly the same way as timber panels, with a natural, embossed wood cladding finish to complete the authentic timber facade effect.

Perfect for all kinds of jobs, from park homes that have to fit in with the shades of the countryside around them to tired old brick exteriors in need of a facelift that will give them a new lease of life for the next 10 years.

Colour coded components to complete your installation

Coastline is supplied with a full range of colour coordinated, full powder coated aluminium trims to protect reveals, corners and stop ends and add an attractive, professional finish to exterior edges.

Fully ventilated starter and top trims are provided to help prevent warping.

Technical information

  • Co-Extruded with a UV-stable colour cap with outstanding fade resistance.

  • Dimensions: 5000 x 203 x 5mm

  • Texture: Embossed Woodgrain Finish

  • Colours: 6

  • Overlap: Technical to confirm

  • Weight 5kg per plank

  • Guarantee: 10 Years

  • Hammer guide to speed installation

  • Full Aluminium Trims range

Safety and sustainability

Our priority has always been the 100% safety of our products, for those who install them and those who live with them in their homes. Coastline is no different.

With the fire safety of exterior cladding under constant scrutiny, Coastline has been rigorously tested and is D rated to BS EN 13501. This means it conforms to British and European standards in Reaction to Fire and Single Flame Combustibility tests and is certified for use as an exterior wall insulation in all approved applications.

All the materials used in its manufacture are 100% recyclable. Because it’s made from such a durable, long lasting composite, it never needs painting or treating with preservatives, both of which can contain volatile chemicals that can be harmful to the environment.

Unlike cement board, cutting Coastline panels to length releases no harmful silica dust, which has been linked to several serious respiratory diseases, including lung cancer.  

The complete exterior range

Coastline cladding is just the latest in a wide range of Eurocell products for exteriors of every kind, from one off home improvements to large scale residential and commercial developments.

Our range of fascia boards - Flat, Ogee or Bullnosed - are heard wearing, easy to fit direct to existing timbers and need little or no maintenance to go on protecting woodwork and roof spaces for years to come.

Our uPVC capping boards are the perfect way to add an extra layer of weatherproof protection to timbers that are showing their age but don’t need to be fully replaced

And our flat, hollow or vented soffits clip easily into place to protect rafter ends while adding a sleek, attractive finish to any roofline.

The complete package

All our exterior products are supplied with all the pins, fixings and colour matching trims you need to get the job done from start to perfect finish.

Plus, of course, you’ve got the peace of mind that comes from knowing they’re all manufactured to the highest quality standards and fully BBA and BSI accredited.