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Posted: 16.07.15

Builder Invents Hexagonal Hivehaus To Combat Housing Shortage

Builder Invents Hexagonal Hivehaus To Combat Housing Shortage

A Wigan builder has come up with an ingenious form of alternative housing design: a modular system of six-sided rooms that can be attached together in a honeycomb design.

Barry Jackson’s innovative solution, Hivehaus, can be erected in a matter of days and does require foundations. Initially designed to provide a ‘man cave’ in his back garden, Jackson now believes it could provide an alternative way for people to get onto the property ladder, with a three-unit Hivehaus costing about £55,000.

“A lot of young people won’t ever have that chance that I had. They are still living with their parents in their 30s. It delays having families because people don’t feel that they belong anywhere, because they are stuck in some rental trap,” Jackson explained.

“The more I developed this idea, the more I saw that this could be developed for good and hopefully help people who can’t get on the housing ladder.”

Each side of the hexagonal rooms is two metres in length – for a total area of 100 square feet per unit – and can be assembled in various combinations, with the roofline supported by steel supports.