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Posted: 12.12.14

New housebuilding land made available by National Grid

New housebuilding land made available by National Grid

Unwanted brownfield land in the South-East of England, owned by the National Grid, is to be built upon in a £700m property deal with housebuilder Berkeley.

The initiative will see 14,00 new build homes developed on surplus industrial sites over the next 10 to 15 years.
The land has become available because of advances in energy technology have made dozens of gasometers obsolete in areas such as Battersea, Fulham and Rickmansworth.  

By tearing these down, the National Grid and Berkeley will cover 84 acres and is planning to include two schools and 22 acres of public space as well as a mix of houses and flats.

A new company called St William Homes, co-owned by the two partners, will handle the development.

“St William is going to be a top 10 housebuilder and will help address the housing crisis. London needs 50,000 new homes a year and 30,000 are being built at the moment. Once St William is up and running, it will supply 5pc of the shortfall,” explains Rob Perrins, managing director of Berkeley.