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Twinson Decking

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Twinson Decking Fitting Guide

Made of the versatile Twinson material this unique terrace concept offers the natural warmth of wood together with the ease of maintenance and sustainability of PVC-U (1)


As the terrace of the future Twinson terrace is 100% recyclable and PEFC certified.

Twinson offers diverse solutions for the simple installation of the terrace on any surface.

1. Twinson supporting beams can be installed on a level concrete surface.


2. When installing its important that the distance between the supporting beams is smaller at the ends than in the middle (3)


3. Be sure to provide sufficient slope for drainage.

4. For surfaces that are not level. Again the distance between the supporting beams is smaller at the beginning and end than in the middle.


5. Twinson terrace can also be installed as a suspended floor, for example, when constructing a roof terrace.

Twinson have developed special terrace supports to support the floating substructure


6. Once the substructure has been installed further installation of Twinson terrace is also very easy.


The slip resistant material is easy to work with using standard tools and is slip, splinter and rot free.

7. Fasten the starting clips with screws


8. and install the first plank securing each clip with a screw.


9. 1 clip per plank is also fixed horizontally to prevent the planks from moving.


10. Both sides if the terrace plank can serve as the visible side. An indication line is foreseen on the inside of the plank.


11. Make sure that this is always on the same side. This will allow further installation of the complete terrace to proceed quickly.


12. because the planks are large;y made of natural materials its important to occlude sufficient play when initialling.


Twinson offers a number of variations for finishing.

13. An end cap


14. Aluminium profile


15. Skirting made of Twinson


16. Or a combination of aluminium and Twinson profile


After installation the terrace is cleaned with a pressure washer to remove sawdust.

Should it ever be needed the individual planks can be easily removed and replaced guaranteeing a long life of outdoor sustainability in style.