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Surcharge Update

  • Surcharge Update - Deeplas

Surcharge Update

Implementation of a surcharge on PVC from 6th April

Unprecedented demand on a global basis and considerable constraints in capacity have meant we are seeing ongoing price pressure for the supply of PVC. Since October 2020 prices are up 36% and since the beginning of the year 26%.

Whilst we believe this is a temporary rise caused by a perfect storm in the market, we do not believe it will be resolved until July or August. To ensure availability of product we have to pay market price and cannot afford to absorb these costs. Until the market stabilises we are going to apply a surcharge on all invoices for PVC goods reflecting the current market conditions. As PVC is priced into us on a monthly basis this surcharge will vary on a month to month according to the input price and details will be published on our website on the last trading day of each month for application in the following month.

For clarification this will be added to:

•    Roofline

•    Trims

•    Embossed Cladding

•    Coastline Cladding

•    Roomline

•    Deeplas Composite Fence

•    Injection mouldings

•    Window boards

No surcharge will be added to:

•    Twinson decking and cladding

•    Deeplas 4 chamber decking

•    Envirotile

•    Garden Rooms

•    Balustrades

•    Wall, ceiling and Shower panels

•    MT Rainwater

The surcharge for April will be 4% and will commence on the 6th April 2021.

It is anticipated that prices will fall in the summer which will allow us to eradicate the surcharge, however we are living in very changeable times.

We do recognise how difficult this will be for you and can assure you that we are doing everything we can to mitigate these rises.

We thank you for your continued support.

Yours faithfully,

Mark Kelly

Chief Executive Officer

Eurocell plc