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Equinox Tiled Roof

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Equinox Tiled Roof

Benefits of an Equinox tiled roof system

Equinox revised

Equinox solid conservatory roof anatomy:


  1 - Box Gutter
  2 - Ventilation
  3 - 5-35˚ Variable Ring Beam or 15˚ & 25˚ Fixed Ring Beams
  4 - 18mm OSB Board
  5 - Breather Membrane
  6 - 60mm PIR Insulation & 12.5mm Plasterboard
  7 - Battens
  8 - Variable or Fixed Ridge
  9 - Ventilated Ridge System
10 - 100mm Stylite Plustherm (sits between the rafters)
11 - Rafter
12 - Rafter Batten
13 - Tiles (a choice of four styles)
14 - Insulation Tape
15 - Fascia Board
16 - Drip Tray
17 - Guttering


Tile choices

Steel tiles

High-quality steel tiles come as standard

Deeplas_Website_Equinox Swatches_Steel

Composite Slate tiles

Upgrade to composite slate tiles. Made from a recylcable blend of limestone and polypropylene

Deeplas_Website_Equinox Swatches_Composite

SlateSkin sheet tiles

50% faster to install than steel or composite slte tiles and can be installed on as low as 5º pitch

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Envirotile is the sustainable choice made with 75% recycled content 

Deeplas_Website_Equinox Swatches_Envirotile

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Pre-Installation Checks

• Equinox roof kits should be checked against the order acknowledgement provided by Deeplas.
• Before discarding any packaging, check all components are accounted for.
• Prior to commencing any installation work, the size, type, and condition of all Equinox roof kits should be checked against the survey sizes.
• When retro-fitting the Equinox tiled roof system, ensure the existing conservatory is structurally sound before conducting any installation work.

If in doubt at any stage

Please contact our Equinox Technical Support for additional support or advice - 0800 988 7309