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Posted: 05.09.23

PVC-U - The Roofline's Number 1 Choice

PVC-U - The Roofline's Number 1 Choice

The roofline crowns the overall kerbside appeal of a property. 

But the practical importance of the products that support the roof function can be overlooked by owners when it comes to how they protect the fabric of their home.

Poorly manufactured fascias and soffits can, over time, be susceptible to weather wear and water ingress and start to deteriorate, discolour and could even affect the timber struts of the roof itself.  This will spoil the look of the property and require remedial action to ensure further potential damage is limited.

To avoid what can be expensive repairs to critical, and often hard to reach, areas of the roofline, contractors need to promote the proven practical, aesthetic, and cost-effective benefits of quality PVC-U roofline products as an alternative to traditional and high maintenance timber solutions.

Not only designed and created to deliver robust and guaranteed performance over the long-term, the range of available PVC-U options and colour and woodgrain effect finishes, mean discerning consumers can also have the pick to suit their individual house style.

The secret to PVC-U’s protection

The secret to the durability of Deeplas roofline PVC-U products are the slow extrusion methods deployed to create a denser, heavier board that retains its shape for the long-term and forms neat, sharp 90° angles at all edges for stunning visual appeal. 

See our video for how it's maunfactured.

The specification of PVC-U roofline products will alleviate future worries around product performance on the most exposed part of a property. It retains its water resistance and its unrivalled ability to deal with all that the British climate can throw at it.

And in another great benefit, the calcium organic PVC-U compound used by Deeplas during the manufacturing process is lead-free, offering the trade the opportunity to promote a positive environmental message to homeowners.

The high-quality PVC-U product solutions can be used for full roofline system projects, or to simply replace parts of the system needing attention. And from an installation perspective, it allows the trade to undertake straightforward project completion without delay and hopefully see increasing business growth prospects.

From fascia and capping boards to vented and hollow soffits, shiplap cladding and roofline trims, contractors can access a comprehensive roofline product solution from the Deeplas single source, ensuring a quality-assured project finish and total supplier confidence that the newly restored roofline will stand the test of time.

Providing fantastic long-term building protection, authentic kerbside appeal, easy installation benefits for the trade and minimal maintenance obligations for property owners, Deeplas PVC-U roofline solutions offer a long lasting, quality, and cost-effective answer to ensure the roofline continues to look good and perform for years to come.