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Twinson Cladding

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Twinson Cladding Installation Guide

Twinson premium cladding installation guide.


Made of the versatile Twinson material this unique wall cladding concept offers the natural warmth of real wood together with the ease of maintenance and sustainability of PVC-U.

Installation is easy and can be done by 1 person. Twinson is very easy to work with using standard tools.

1. On the surface which preferable includes insullating material a wooden frame is first installed.



2. A double slat is attached at both the external and internal corners.


This is also done at the ends of the cladding.


After the wooden framework is in place actual installation can begin.


Twinson has developed a unique aluminium trim set and patented attachment clips that make the installation intuitive and easy.

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3. The aluminium profiles are screwed to the wooden frame.


4. Then the starting profile and then the corner and cross profiles are fitted. (screw heads are always fully counter sunk)

Installation of the cladding elements can then begin. Installation is easy and quick thanks to the tooth and groove system.


5. The plank is attached and blocked using the specially designed, patented clips.


Then the entire cladding wall can be constructed in very little time.


6. Because the cladding elements are largely made of natural material play is always advised on both sides of the plank.


7. The last plank is sawn to size. Sawing Twinson is as easy as sawing wood and the pieces are completely splinter free. Once this last plank is attached to the end section the new facade is almost ready.



8. A final finishing trim at the side completes and perfects the installation.


Planks are available in lengths and 3 and 6 metres. To attach 2 planks together use the special connector ensuring that the right amount of play is available for expansion.


9. Easy to install end caps complete corners giving the cladding a continuous, finished look while prorecting the ends and behind the boards from the elements.


10. If a window or door stands in the way of the installation cladding boards, sawn to fit, slide easily into the aluminium side profiles.


11. The top profile allows for proper ventilation and easy air flow.


12. Now the entire wall around the window or door can be completed quickly and easily.


Vertical installation and air flow.

Twinson premium cladding can also be installed vertically and as with a horizontal installation the ventilation elements ensure a constant stream of continuous air flow behind the cladding boards from the top and bottom of the installation keeping the underlying insulation and the cladding planks safe and dry assuring years of style and reliability.