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Coastline Cladding Installation

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Coastline Cladding Installation

Coastline cladding is designed for use on masonry buildings with a maximum height of 18m and must be installed at least 1 metre from boundaries. It should not be fitted to higher buildings, timber buildings or steel construction dwellings, all product guarantees will be invalidated should this occur. Coastline Cladding can be fitted to garden buildings which are not habitable dwellings for living 24/7.

Installation should be carried out by competent trades people only and needs to be fitted as outlined within this installation guide. Non adherence to these instructions, and good fitting practices will invalidate the product guarantee. Correct use of all Coastline components, and sundries is also required, use of modified or non specified components will invalidate the Product Guarantee.

View the Coastline Cladding Installation Guide here