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Posted: 28.05.21

Home Improvement Trends 2021

Home Improvement Trends 2021

Aspects of how we live, how and where we work have changed, and this has ultimately had an effect on the type of developments and improvements we’re choosing to make to our homes. So, what home improvements trends are on the horizon for 2021?

When considering home improvements, it’s important for homeowners to think about what is wanted from the work and what benefits it will bring to their lifestyle as well as their home.

Many homeowners want to add more space to their homes - whether it be through creating an open plan living space or building an extension, there are many ways of creating more space. The Rated People’s Home Improvement Trends Report: 2021, revealed 25% of UK residents want to move to a bigger property in the next year, and so expanding your home can also have benefits if you’re looking to sell.

Garden offices

2020 saw more people working from home than ever before and for many their home office space wasn’t inspiring, in fact 38%1 of people want to improve their home offices in 2021. This is reflective in Google trend searches for ‘home offices’, which are up by 190%, with people looking to create an inspiring and dedicated space to work within the home.

Gardens have played a significant role in our homes in 2020, giving us outside space to escape to and relax, and 47%1 of UK residents are now planning improvements for their garden in 2021. There are various different projects and improvements which homeowners can make to their garden, but a rising new trend is creating a garden office, which have seen a spike in popularity with Google searches for 'garden offices' increasing by a huge 300%. Additionally, the Rated People’s Home Improvement Trends Report: 2021 revealed that in 2021 having a garden office can add £9,008 to the value of your home compared with adding an office inside the home, which can increase the value by £7,630.

 Source: Rated People Home Improvement Trends report: 2021