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Posted: 17.05.22

Composite Fencing - A long lasting solution that's easy to install & low maintenance

Composite Fencing - A long lasting solution that's easy to install & low maintenance

Following the storms which unfortunately hit the UK most winters, our TV screens, newspapers, and social media feeds are filled with images of structural damage to properties, dislodged roof tiles and, all too often, sudden gaps in garden timber fencing as strong winds impact outdoor spaces and structures.

As an answer to fence damage scenarios, as well as projects to replace existing fencing with an attractive solution that also provides long-term durability and performance, composite fencing is increasingly specified and installed across the nation.

Working seamlessly with UK standard fencing measurements of 2.4m/6ft widths, composite fencing panels can be the perfect answer when looking to replace damaged or compromised timber fencing impacted by extreme weather or which has simply deteriorated over time.  Instead of replacing like for like timber panels, the specification of a composite fence panel that sit within existing and sturdy concrete posts, can deliver a multitude of practical and cost efficiency benefits over the longer term.

Composite fencing offers a combination of style, resistance to wear and tear, and malleability to match varied garden specifications. Its modern natural look, sleek colours and simple stack system provides additional adaptability, ensures composite fencing is the perfect choice for homeowners looking for an aesthetically pleasing, but highly functional fencing solution.

Composite fencing will not deteriorate, rot or warp so will stand the test of time.  And unlike timber fencing, it does not use up natural resources thereby making it a sustainable and forward-thinking option that helps to take care of the world around us.

Installation ease

Installation is straightforward, meaning replacement systems required because of weather damage or simply to reinvigorate the look of the fencing, can be completed without delay to save time and money.  A full set of easy-to-use quality manufactured components and accessories such as posts, edge covers, strip seals and post mounts complement the fencing panels as part of a comprehensive Deeplas’ composite fencing package.  Panels can also be cut to size if required.

Aesthetic appeal is a top priority.  The panels offer a wood effect in three colour options and are reversible ensuring neighbouring gardens benefit from an attractive view from their own side of the fence.  Once installed, the low maintenance and robust performance credentials of composite fencing mean minimal future work (no painting or staining) to keep them looking pristine and provide the perfect backdrop to garden spaces. Robust and hard wearing, composite fencing will withstand whatever the British weather can throw at it.

Designed for ease of install, to look good and last for many years, the Deeplas 20-year guarantee for the composite fencing solution provides an additional reason for installers to share with homeowners and discuss the outstanding benefits of a premium composite fencing project.