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Posted: 03.02.22

New Coastline Dormer Trim

New Coastline Dormer Trim

The new aluminium vented dormer trim for the Coastline cladding product range has been designed specifically to be used on roofs where the dormer cheek abuts the main pitch of the roof. The pre-punched ventilated trim not only protects the end of the cladding boards it importantly allows airflow behind the dormer cheeks eliminating any heat build-up.

The 1.5mm thick aluminium trim is available in all 6 co-ordinated Coastline colours.

Like all the current trims it is extruded aluminium in grade 6060 T6 with an 80-90 microns powder-coated finish and comes with the same Qualicoat Seaside guarantee.

The Coastline Installation Guide has been updated to include this product.

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