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Posted: 26.01.22

Roofline - Unrivalled aesthetics & long-life performance

Roofline - Unrivalled aesthetics & long-life performance



The roofline of any home helps to deliver attractive kerbside appeal as well as protect the fabric of the property. 

Effective PVC-U roofline solutions, including fascia boards, capping boards and soffits, must deliver a powerful combination of strong aesthetics and proven performance to be striking additions to the roofline as well as provide guaranteed functionality over the long-term.

Our Roofline manufacturing process is one dedicated to delivering quality products that installers can easily work with and homeowners will love.  Several factors during the manufacturing process help to set our Roofline product range apart from the competition. 

These include the use of recycled materials as part of a complex mixing process to underpin the final product’s sustainability credentials, and the additional manufacturing time allowed to produce a final, superior quality and denser extruded solution.

This results in high value answers for roofline specification and enables the fabrication process to achieve stand out product finishes that the market is demanding - including sharp 90-degree corners that create seamless and eye-catching roofline solutions.

Industry leading expertise and innovative manufacturing processes lie behind the creation of the our Roofline PVC-U product range. And the entire manufacturing process is subject to rigorous quality control checks at all stages to ensure consistency and premium level production success.

  • Up to 15% is post-consumer product and line start-up scrap, these are then inlcuded within the component mixing process to form a dry blend. The blend is allowed significant conditioning time in silos to cool and settle.
  • Slow moving extrusion machines transform and process the blend into a dense, hard-wearing, and quality-driven foam core.
  • The PVC-U skin is co-extruded and then applied to the core profile.
  • Careful calibration and a separate water-cooling process stage sets the final shape and protective tape is applied to safeguard the extruded profiles.
  • The profiles are cut to specification lengths and packed ready for shipping to busy installers and expectant homeowners.

Deeplas takes pride in only manufacturing the highest quality roofline products. The calcium organic, dense PVC-U extrusions guarantee robust, attractive, long-life performance, protecting roof spaces and ensuring fascias and soffits will be lifelong assets to the home.