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Posted: 28.06.21

Sustainability and aesthetics go hand in hand thanks to Equinox range enhancements

Sustainability and aesthetics go hand in hand thanks to Equinox range enhancements

If the experience of the past twelve months has taught us anything, it is the importance of the home. 

Restrictions on movement have meant millions have spent more time than ever before within their properties either working, home schooling, or relaxing.  According to many news headlines, the pandemic has also prompted many to reappraise how they would like to enhance, change, or simply improve their living spaces, often in a sustainable manner.

As homeowners’ thoughts turn to making potentially large investments in property renovation, or simply undertaking a modest home improvement project so they feel better about their home environment, it is important that suppliers continue to enhance and widen existing offerings to remain front of mind when purchasing decisions are being taken.

The Equinox warm tiled roof range is just such an example.

Already a market-leading product that delivers all year-round comfort and useability for conservatories, the roof system has recently been further enhanced to offer additional choice for homeowners and open more business building opportunities for installers.  

With an eye on increasing interest in sustainability around the home, a new technical addition to the tile range aims to satisfy growing consumer environmental concerns connected to product impact on the world around us.

As such, the ability to now specify Envirotile – a precision manufactured recycled polymer tile for a solid tiled roof solution with reduced environmental impact - is poised to be an attractive offering to the conservatory installation market.

Manufactured in the UK using 75% recycled content, Envirotile really is a positive choice when it comes to sustainability ambitions in the home.  The possibility of now using it alongside the high-quality Equinox roof system helps deliver the greener roofing solution many are seeking.

The importance of making a sustainable product selection is also matched by aesthetics and a desire that any changes made actively enhance the appeal and attractiveness of the living space. 

This is where enhancements to the Equinox range add even greater homeowner choice.

To provide further options, a new 25° fixed angle soffit ring beam option can now provide a traditional overhang soffit appearance that can match homeowners' properties to create seamless integration.

Soffit ring beams fully complement fascia boards and guttering to suit the home and are available in a broad range of colours.

The additional soffit surface area also provides the option to be specified with external downlighters. The lights can be installed as either a cool or warm white and can be matched with a twilight sensor, which turns the lights on automatically as natural light fades.  Downlighters add atmosphere and a sense of mood to spaces and enhance the appeal of the conservatory ‘outside, inside’ effect.

Equinox allows homeowners to enjoy their conservatories all year round, remaining cool in summer and warm in winter. It is helping transform additional conservatory spaces into an integral part of the house, while still enjoying the added light a conservatory provides.

New aesthetic options, together with the opportunity to select a complementary and sustainable roofing solution, means Equinox is set to go from strength to strength as consumers take a fresh look at the homes they inhabit.

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