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Posted: 16.03.22

The Era of the garden room

The Era of the garden room

The era of the garden room has arrived  

The mental and physical wellbeing importance of being able to access outdoor spaces has been strongly reinforced by the nation’s collective experience in recent years. 

The impact of various lockdowns, restrictions on movement, altered working practices and even home schooling, has reminded many of the value of simply enjoying and appreciating the outdoors whether famous beauty spots, the local park, or the garden.
And the re-establishment of the human connection with fresh air and nature is also helping to drive the increasing popularity of garden rooms as a design-led, cost effective, and low maintenance way to add precious new space and value to the home – but one set in the tranquillity of a more natural setting.
The upsurge of such investment is founded on the built-in flexibility, style, and range of user options that today’s inspirational garden rooms offer.
From dreaming of adding a welcoming fresh home location in which to entertain, relax, and play to setting up a new working environment post pandemic, or, even, creating a personalised gym space to suit individual fitness regimes – garden rooms are fast becoming the home-based additional room solution of choice.
With the onset of hybrid working models, employees are reappraising how they want to use home spaces as they transition to more permanent remote working arrangements. 
For some, the perfect answer to juggling a newly found work life balance lies in the garden room. 
Removing the need of having to endure challenging working arrangements at the kitchen table or on the sofa, a garden room can deliver a professional, functional, and tailor-made working space, just a step away from the peace and quiet of the garden and near to home.  
For those striving to keep up fitness levels, the ability of the garden room to provide a safe, secure, and private home gym is unrivalled.  The garden room can be specified to exact requirements with electric packs ensuring power is in all the right places for essential fitness equipment.  
Alongside helping with work and keep fit objectives, garden rooms are being added to homes to extend the household footprint and deliver additional options in which to relax, dine, play, and entertain, whilst enjoying the unique delights of outdoor living. 
With no planning permission required and construction taking a matter of days, homeowners’ desire for new and exciting all year-round exterior spaces can become a reality without delay.  
Room shape and interior design options are available to suit all styles and tastes and leading garden room solutions such as Kyube and Kyube Plus (available in timber or steel), can be the perfect and cost-effective alternative to the hassle, expense, and time constraints of building an extension.
And they add value too.  According to recent statistics, the addition of a garden room can boost property prices by around 5%
The increasing popularity of the garden room is proof that people instinctively want to connect with outdoor spaces because they deliver tangible wellbeing benefits.  Growing numbers are investing in quality manufactured, contemporary garden rooms that seamlessly blend with their natural surroundings.  
They are enabling homeowners to work, rest, and play in a place they can truly call their own.
We have arrived at the era of the garden room.