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Deeplas Premium Fencing

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Deeplas Premium Fencing

The Sustainable and Stylish Choice for Your Garden

Looking for a versatile and modern fencing option that fits a variety of garden styles? Look no further than Deeplas premium fencing. Its sleek colors and simple tongue and groove fitting system make it a perfect choice for any garden.

Not only does it look great and remain warp-free, rot-free, and splinter-free, but it's also environmentally friendly. By choosing our premium composite fencing, you can feel good about your choice to protect natural resources while still enjoying low-maintenance and premium-looking fencing. Join the increasing number of people who are choosing composite fencing for their gardens.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple tongue and groove fitting system
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Tough and hardwearing

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                   BEFORE                                                     AFTER


  • All fence posts are 2.4m in height and can be cut to the size required. If you are installing the fence onto concrete ground such as a driveway then the steel post mounts are required.
  • If installing on soft ground ensure that the fence is rooted strongly enough, and bury it at least 60cm into the ground. This will give strength to the post when installed.
  • When preparing the groundwork for the installation of the fence, you must ensure that the ground is as level as possible.
  • If the fencing is to be built on a slope, requirements must be made to the groundwork to ensure the fencing goes up in steps.
  • There is no gravel board which requires burying in the ground. Therefore the ground needs to be level.
  • Panels are 150mm x 21mm x 1830mm tongue and groove. The first panel will sit on the bottom rail, panels will then stack one on top of the next to the desired height.
  • Height can not exceed 6ft.
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