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Posted: 27.04.23

Understanding Hollow vs Solid Composite Decking Solutions

Understanding Hollow vs Solid Composite Decking Solutions

Composite decking options allow for versatility and appropriate specification depending on location, intended use and budget and can be a great alternative to timber only solutions. It’s important that installers are armed with key information on the qualities of composite decking and the difference between hollow and solid composite decking solutions that are on offer from the Twinson premium decking range.

Understanding hollow composite decking

Twinson 7 chamber reversible hollow decking board is made using a unique homogeneous wood polymer construction that maintains its high performance for years without the need for time consuming maintenance and painting. It is constructed from ethically sourced, traceable recycled wood from timber mills and recycled plastic polymer. Naturally lightweight, it can be the ideal low maintenance solution for install locations such as balconies where weight is an important consideration. This 7 chamber decking has one of the highest list of accreditations in the market place and is available in a choice of six colours - Walnut, Liquorice, Hazelnut, Bark Brown, Slate Grey and Riverstone.

Deeplas 4 chamber hollow composite decking – which comes in a grooved finish, is available in four natural shades – ancient black, antique ash, salt lake silver and wild brown - to satisfy all style tastes. The colours help to resist any future fading caused by sunlight and air pollutants. This hollow decking colour is also consistent through the entire core of the product so the composite wood’s appearance has greater longevity, requiring just an annual, light jet wash to uphold this level of appearance.

Hollow decking is strong enough to resist damage from a variety of common threats to its appearance such as bicycles, barbecues, heels, water, or garden furniture.

Cleverly concealed hidden fixings allow installers to create a seamless finish so the decking project can be completed without delay. With each board reversible, this also aids job completion speed along with the ease of use of standard wood working tools.

The system’s 20-year guarantee of performance underpins its longevity credentials and provides real specification confidence for installers and consumers.

Reasons to specify solid composite decking

As an alternative, solid composite decking is a high performing and slip resistant premium decking solution that looks and acts just like timber decking, but without the risk of cracks or splinters, whilst ensuring a safe and visually attractive outdoors environment for feet, small children, and pets.  

Requiring only low maintenance attention, it can be the cost-effective choice when compared to timber decking that will potentially require future painting or sanding to maintain pristine appearance and durability.  Solid composite decking also allows for installation detailing as required and installers can, for example, chamfer run ends to achieve rounded finishes that will further delight clients.

Twinson solid composite decking has six multi-tonal colour options, and its high-traction woodgrain offers outstanding surface durability and great choice for lower-level decks.

To support sustainability objectives, solid composite decking is also manufactured from recycled material and the composites are toxin-free. The inclusion of a 25-year guarantee is testimony to its proven performance over the long-term, allowing installers to feel confident in the solution they are delivering and homeowners to simply enjoy their attractive, low maintenance, and robust decking for years to come.

Installers seeking to help homeowners create desired but safe outdoor decking solutions can have informed discussions with clients about the many practical, performance, and cost benefits delivered by both hollow and solid composite decking options from Twinson.