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Posted: 22.05.23

Adding value to your buy-to-let property

Adding value to your buy-to-let property

Property Reporter has cited 7 things that landlords can do to add value to a buy-to-let property to increase rental income and attract higher-quality tenants.

Listed as:

  1. Renovate the property
  2. Increase storage space
  3. Update the landscaping
  4. Improve energy efficiency
  5. Add Smart Home technology
  6. Convert unused space
  7. Offer amenities and services in expensive residential areas

You can read the full article here

When considering options 1 and 3, we believe that maintenance should also be stongly considered. Keeping products looking newer for longer means satisfied tenants as well as less upkeep.

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Composite products in the garden also offer easy-to-install, low maintence solutions. Composite Decking is non-slip with a choice of finishes and colours available. Composite fencing has an on-trend look that will not detoriate as it is warp free, rot free and splinter-free. It can also be fitted into existing fence posts when it's time to replace panels.